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What is Senior Mental Health Lead Training?

3rd May 2022

Schools face a range of mental health challenges in the 21st century. Helping pupils through those challenges can seem difficult for teachers and school administrators. Working out how schools are able to make positive changes to their pupils’ mental health is a major challenge for modern schools.

Who is the Training For?

There are a wide range of roles in a school that might have responsibility for mental health. This can take an equally wide range of forms. You might be a teacher, an administrator or even a healthcare professional. Fundamentally, the Senior Mental Health Lead should have strategic responsibility for mental health in your school. You should be responsible for creating a school-wide approach to positive mental health and wellbeing.

What is a Senior Mental Health Lead?

A Senior Mental Health Lead should be the person in your school who has the necessary knowledge, practical skills and access to the right tools to produce a plan to improve mental health and wellbeing for an entire school. They are not necessarily in charge of providing all mental health training in the school, but they are in charge of the school’s plan, and the direction that it is headed in.

What does Training Cover?

Senior Mental Health Lead Training from Wellbeing Through Sport helps school mental health leads learn how to build plans to better the mental health of their pupils through sport and games, rather than purely traditional classroom techniques. We focus on using sport and exercise to help pupils build the necessary skills to be resilient against a range of mental health problems. We believe that, particularly with younger pupils, it is easier to help build resilience through entertaining games, rather than through traditional learning.

What are the Benefits to my School?

School age children are facing an increasing prevalence of mental health issues. These are not just out of school issues, but can enormously affect every aspect of children’s lives. Improving mental wellbeing in schools is not just essential for the health of children, but also to their academic achievement. Improving mental health can help children achieve the sort of rounded wellness that means they can focus on achieving the sort of academic results that schools looks for.

Wellbeing Through Sport

WTS was founded to help schools improve the mental health of their pupils and staff. We were founded by two consultant psychiatrists and one massively experienced PE expert. We believe that the classroom is only one of the places to learn the most important lessons. Our philosophy is that – particularly with younger pupils – the best way to learn about emotional wellbeing is through enjoyment.

Our senior mental health lead training is fully compliant with the requirements to receive a government grant. Our courses run at two different levels, appropriate for different levels of strategic planning. Wellbeing Through Sport can help schools make the most of their attempts to foster wellbeing, through fun, engaging and innovative Senior Mental Health Lead Training.

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