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Reduce your Workload with Mental Wellbeing Lesson Plans

31st May 2022

Schools are increasingly focusing on mental wellbeing for their pupils. Young people of all ages are starting to suffer from mental health issues with greater and greater frequency. The government has made it more of a focus than ever before for schools to attempt to tackle these sorts of issues head on. Wellbeing is now a focus in many schools, with teachers at the forefront of attempts to improve the pupil’s mental resilience. However, many teachers are uncertain of how best to start teaching resilience and mental wellbeing. With thousands of teachers feeling over-worked already, taking on additional work and preparation to do this is often unpopular. However, it is perfectly possible to teach mental wellbeing and resilience to young people with only minimal preparation. Mental Wellbeing Lesson Plans are available in limited numbers from the government – or in greater detail from experts, such as Wellbeing Through Sport.

Mental Wellbeing in Schools

The reason that teachers need help with mental wellbeing lesson plans is the rapid increase in mental health issues among younger people over the last ten years or so. Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) is now an essential element of the curriculum in schools. This is part of the government’s approach to trying to solve the mental health crisis in schools. Schools should now have a Senior Mental Health Lead whose role it is is to coordinate the school-wide approach to mental health. However, it is still teachers who need to actually deliver the vast majority of the lessons on the subject.

At Wellbeing Through Sport each lesson has the same structure and our lessons plans are clearly laid out for your ease. Each lesson plan includes:

Learning Outcomes: E.g. After this lesson, pupils will be able to: * Understand what mental wellbeing is

A list of resources required to deliver the lesson: * Guidelines for an initial classroom based discussion * Instructions for the practical sessions * Directions and worksheets for classroom based reflective practice * Curriculum points for discussion

E.g. Aligned with the RHSE curriculum pupils will be able to understand: * The idea that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, as important as physical health. * The benefits of exercise, time spent outdoors and participation in community activities on mental wellbeing and happiness.

Wellbeing Through Sport

The Team at Wellbeing Through Sport are experts and support schools by preparing teachers to use sport and exercise to foster positive mental health, prevent mental ill health and tackle childhood obesity.. Our ready to use mental wellbeing lesson plans are designed to reduce your workloadand the time you spend preparing for your lessons. They can be delivered as part of the PE, RHSE or PHSE curriculum. We believe that the best way to approach mental wellbeing is to make it fun. Our courses emphasise using exercise and games to help children develop crucial social-emotional life skills which protect against mental health problems and are associated with emotional intelligence and building resilience for life.

To learn more about our courses, or how they could fit into your school’s existing framework, visit our website here or get in touch today at enquiries@wellbeingthroughsport.co.uk.