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How to Get a Senior Mental Health Lead Training Grant

7th June 2022

Schools across the country are putting increasing focus on the mental health and wellbeing of their pupils. Young people of all ages are facing increasing pressure on their mental wellbeing, with depression and other mental health issues proliferating at a rapid rate. To combat this, many schools are refocusing part of their time on helping children build up mental resilience in order to cope better with mental health issues when they arise. To help with this, those schools can get training for their Senior Mental Health Lead (SMHL). To show how important this is in the Department for Education’s priorities, they offer a grant to help more schools afford this training.

What is a Senior Mental Health Lead?

A Senior Mental Health Lead is the person designated by a school as being responsible for promoting and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, and to embed Public Health England’s 8 principles of a whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing. This should be the person who has received SMHL training, and has both the passion and the desire to lead a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. Who is the Training for?

Government policy is to offer a grant for training a Senior Mental Health Lead. However, we know that all staff in a school would benefit from mental health training. That’s why our Wellbeing Through Sport Senior Mental Health Lead Training and Whole School Package provides training for all staff alongside training for the SMHL.

What Does the Senior Mental Health Lead Training Grant Cover?

Lots of organisations offer Senior Mental Health Lead Training. However, only those training courses that have received DfE (Department for Education) Quality Assured status will be covered by this grant. Our Senior Mental Health Lead Training and Whole School Primary package has DfE Quality Assured status, therefore, eligible schools can apply for grant funding to complete this.

Who can Apply for a Grant?

Not all schools can apply for a Senior Mental Health Lead Grant. To apply, your school needs to be state-funded, and in receipt of ESFA revenue. It can also be in the high-needs block, or 16 to 19 programme. According to the Education & Skills Funding Agency, this includes: · mainstream academies and maintained schools   · alternative provision academies (including hospital schools)    · pupil referral units   · special academies and maintained schools · further education (FE) colleges attended by under 18-year-olds (one application per campus ID) · sixth form colleges · special post-16 institutions · non-maintained special schools · local authorities

How to Apply for a Grant

First, you Apply for the grant via the government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/senior-mental-health-lead-training-grant-funding You need to have a DfE login - it will ask for your organisation (this means your school or college). You will receive an acknowledgement that you have applied. When your grant is approved you receive an email with a 10-12 digit code confirming your application. This will also tell your when you need to have started your training by. Book your training with Wellbeing Through Sport. Pay our invoice. You will receive a link from the DfE to upload the details we provide you on our training.

Senior Mental Health Lead Training from Wellbeing Through Sport

Wellbeing Through Sport offer DfE quality assured Senior Mental Health Lead Training, online CPD for all staff and fun and engaging lesson plans for all pupils. Our Whole School Package is designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and staff.

You can learn more about our courses here or email us at enquiries@wellbeingthroughsport.co.uk