Giving young minds and bodies the skills they need for later life.

Whether you’re struggling in school, bouncing off the walls, feeling a little sad, or just don’t know what to do, we’re here to help.

Wellbeing Through Sport was founded on the belief that school shouldn’t be just about boring text books - it should teach every child the skills they need for later life.

Empathy. Confidence. Teamwork. Conflict resolution. Emotional awareness. The really important stuff. By running, jumping, laughing, and playing together, sport can teach us so much more than you ever imagined. Plus… it’s fun!

We’re a team of doctors, psychiatrists, and professional coaches who believe looking after the brain is just as important as looking after the body. So whether we’re helping individual children or the whole school, we’ll help you stay on the top of your game, physically and mentally.

Let’s all start learning to live, with Wellbeing Through Sport.

Say hello to
our founders

Dr Libby Artingstall and Dr Sile McDaid

They’re medical doctors who specialised to become consultant psychiatrists.

As best mates with significant, collective experience of working with children, young people, and adults experiencing mental health problems, they became acutely aware of how a lack of understanding in relation to mental and physical health could impact on the ability of a person to realise and achieve their potential.

Their goal is to support people to get the most out of their life.

Chris Irwin

Chris is a former professional rugby league player and is an experienced teacher with a PE teaching background.

For over 15 years Chris headed up his own sports coaching company supporting hundreds of primary schools in their delivery of PE programmes.

Chris’ aim is to improve the skills of children in every area of PE whilst making sessions engaging for all. His approach is designed to make sessions fun and accessible for all children, in the hope that they develop life-long positive attitudes to sport, physical health, and mental health.